Dear flower lovers,


we would like to share with you our love for fresh and dried flowers. Welcome are all who are wild about flowers. In addition to many creative ideas, you will also learn about the origin, care and maintenance of your flowers.


All courses are also available in English.


Our courses are held according to the current 3G rules.

The course fee includes the necessary materials and tools as well as (depending on the type of course) small treats or a lunch snack. The course duration is a guideline, the workshop is of course only finished when you have finished your creation(s) – which you will of course take home.


We are happy to take bookings in the store, by phone or mail. The courses take place with a minimum of 4, maximum of 8 people and are assigned according to the order of registrations. If there are not enough participants for a course, we reserve the right to cancel the workshop; the course fee will of course be refunded. We are always happy to accommodate personal requests or dates, as well as individual group sizes; just give us a call or send us an email.


After our course confirmation and receipt of your payment, your participation is binding.  In case of cancellation up to 7 days before the beginning of the course, you will receive a voucher in the amount of the course fee. From the 6th day before the start of the course, the costs can unfortunately no longer be refunded, since the necessary material has already been ordered / purchased. However, you are welcome to send a substitute to take your place in the workshop.


Please remember to wear comfortable, non-sensitive clothing, as handling flowers tends to leave marks. We florists work standing up and gladly, weather permitting, outside in our flower tent. Important note: We use sharp tools, staplers & hot glue guns. Participation in the workshop is at your own risk.



We are looking forward to creative hours with you.

Floral greetings, Petra Moser & Team


With a magnificent selection of seasonal flowers you will create YOUR bouquet. With prior arrangement you are welcome to bring your favorite vase.


Course duration: approx. 1.5 hours

Per person: € 89,00


Wed, 13.10.21, 17:30-19:00h

Tues, 19.10.21, 17:30-19:00h

Masterclass Bouquet

You will create 3 wonderful bouquets of different sizes and finishes with a great seasonal flower selection. You are welcome to bring your favorite vases to make magical bouquets directly for them.

Course duration: 4 hours

Per person: € 190,00

Date: by arrangement

Masterclass Private Day Course I

The course is for individuals with individual wishes, which will be discussed in advance. You will learn basic knowledge and various techniques on your favorite topics, such as bouquets, wreaths, floral arrangements, trend, body jewelry….


Course duration: 09.00-18.00h, incl. 1 hour lunch break

Course fee: € 525,00

(incl. material, soft drinks, lunch snack)

Date: by arrangement

Autumn Fresh wreath (small)

A fresh flower wreath (approx. ø33 Outer size) with a very long shelf life, as we work with watered cuttings. With a wonderful selection such as hydrangeas, florets, autumn fruits, hagebutts and much more will create a personalized wreath for your home.


Course duration: approx. 2 hours

Per person: € 60,00


Tues, 12.10.21, 11:00-13:00h

Tues, 12.10.21, 17:00-19:00h

Autumn Fresh wreath (large)

A fresh flower wreath (approx. ø45 outer size) with a very long shelf life, as we work with watered cuttings. With a wonderful selection such as hydrangeas, florets, autumn fruits, hagebutts and much more will create a personalized wreath for your home.


Course duration: approx. 2 hours

Per person: € 78,00



Wed, 20.10.21, 11:00-13:00h

Wed, 20.10.21, 17:00-19:00h

Fresh wreath Christmas 2021

November 28 is the 1st Advent. With the knowledge from the fresh wreath courses you can also put a wonderful Advent wreath itself:


with the most beautiful Christmas greenery such as fir, pine, cypress, conifer, eucalyptus, holly and a wonderful selection of seasonal flowers and Christmas materials & decor.


And of course, this wreath also stays fresh for an unusually long time, due to the possible watering. The material you get as a DIY box in the Advent season with us and can start at home directly. The DIY boxes can be found from the beginning of November in our online shop and in our stores.

Seasons wrap wreath “Fall”

It creates dreamy wreath on a straw roman with seasonal material such as hydrangeas, herbs, rose hips, twigs, heather, dried flowers and much more – perfect for the door or as a table decoration.


Course duration: approx. 2 hours

Per person: € 89,00


Fri, 15.10.21, 17:00-19:00h

Dried flowers hoop

Trendy are hoop wreaths in many variations and colors. You can expect a nice selection of basic hoops for hanging or standing, in different sizes and colors and of course different dried flowers in soft and strong colors. The hoop is only partially tied with flowers.


Course duration: approx. 1.5 hours

Per person: € 49,00


 Thurs, 14.10.21, 11:30-13:00h

Dried flowers wreath

For your full wreath is available a wide range of trendy dried flowers, in many colors. (approx. 35cm). A great eye-catcher for the door or as a table decoration and also you can quickly redecorate it into an Advent wreath.


Course duration: approx. 2 hours

Per person: € 89,00 (wire base)


Thurs, 21.10.21, 17:00-19:00h

Dried flowers mix

Dried flowers and pressed fresh flowers are ready for you. You fill jars, frames or stick wooden cube objects or “light hoops”. You will get 1 set of three that you can create as you wish.


Course duration: approx. 1.5 hours

Per person: € 49,00


Fri, 22.10.21, 17:00-18:30h

Letter Monogram in embroidery hoop

With sweet dried flowers you make your personal flower monogram. Please specify the letter when booking. A wonderful gift idea.


Course duration: approx. 2,0 hours

Per person: € 59,00


Mi, 06.10.21, 17-19h

Do, 14.10.21, 17-19h

Hen Party- Flowercrown

A flowery and cheerful preparation for the special day with the bride. Wonderful flower hair wreaths are created from fresh or dried flowers, with which you can move on in perfect style.


Course duration: approx. 2.5 hours

Per person: 

€ 65,00 (fresh flowers)

€ 89,00 (dried flowers)

€ 135,00 (silk flowers)

(incl. material, tools, ribbons, secco, soft drinks, nibbles)

Minimum group size 8 people, from 15 people: BRIDE-FREE


Date: by arrangement

BFF – Best Friends Forever

The little one for little ones! For birthdays, vacations or just “because”. Min-max age for standard course: 9-15 years. You’ll make a beautiful arrangement with fresh flowers and grab another small lab jar of dried flowers.


Course duration: approx. 1 hour

For best friends, 2 participants p.p. € 29,00

Girlie/Boys-Group, 4-6 participants p.p. € 32,00


Small hoop wreath with dried flowers, 2 pax. p.p. € 32,00

Girlie/Boys-Group, 4-6 pax. p.p. € 35,00


Date: by arrangement


Larger groups on request

Christmas Door wreath 30cm

Christmas Door wreath, O 30cm

A decoration for the front door: You tie Christmas greenery on a straw wreath. A nice selection of ribbons for bows and hanging is available for coordination.


Course duration: approx. 2 hours

Per person: € 45,00


Tues, 09.11.21, 17:00-19:00h